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Product Description
PURPOSE: Detecting the metal chips inside the sewing products. As well as the fabric products, pharmaceutical products, chemical products, rubber products, foods, etc. FEATURES: 1. High sensibitlity (1~10) adjustable , Sensitivity quoted at the weakest point inside the detection tunnel true measure of detection ability. 2. 'Plug & Play' performance - all detectors are pre-programmed to the required sensitivity of detection. 3. High immunity to disturbances from external electro-magnetic and mains borne interference allows the needle detector to be positioned within the production line, no ‘exclusion zones’ or voltage stabilisers will be required. 4. Automatic ‘test me’ feature guarantees optimum performance throughout production. 5. Ability to identify contaminant location 6. Long life expectancy No permanent magnets to weaken over time. Our solid encapsulated detector head and fully welded polished stainless steel frame construction gives lifetime strength, durability and appearance. 7. Advanced software has reporting, communication, product-learn and data memory functions. 8. On screen product and reject counts. SPECIFICATIONS: Model: MD 10.02 Detection method: Magnetic induction Detection sensitivity: 0.8mm steel to small scissors Detection adjustment: 99 steps Detection width: 550mm Detection height: 100mm Alarm: Buzzer, LED Belt speed: 18~32m/min. Power source: AC200-240V 50-60HZ Rated output: Approx. 140W Dimension: 1650mm(L)*1050mm(W)*900mm(H) Weight: Approx. 230Kg Detect height sensibility 100mm Feφ≥Φ0.6mm 120mm Feφ≥Φ1.0mm 150mm Feφ≥Φ1.2mm 200mm Feφ≥Φ1.5mm Comply: 1. EN60950 2. EN50082-1 (anti-jamming) 3. EN50081-1 (radialization) 4.IEEE-472

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